Larry King and CNN

At work, we live with the torment of CNN all stinking night long because The Company has deemed this is the only thing that can be seen in the Command Center. As such, most of us “love” CNN and “love” Larry King. We don’t have any audio, but even without it, you can tell Larry King is just a tee-ball, candy question interviewer who’s just going through the motions and collecting a fat check. So when I actually got to hear a clip of a recent Seinfeld appearance on his show to promote that dopey movie of his, I thought, “Larry King only knows what his staff put in front of him.” No wonder his show can’t even scratch Fox News in the ratings.

On weekends, we love seeing some of Larry King’s greatest hits. Anything about Kid Rock or Anna Nicole Smith fills our hearts with joy and allows us to attack our work with gusto.

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