What a Headache

I’m waiting for the arrival of Chris to go through the tedious process of replacing parts on my main PC to see if these things magically fix the issue with the CPU fans. Somehow, I just feel that things are going to remain unresolved.

In other news, we ended up not going to Elizabeth for Tim’s piping. Apparently, the event was pretty horrible when Tim and his wife went down Saturday. So I took the opportunity of having a free Sunday by catching up on sleep. I really needed that, I can tell you. I may have overdone it a bit though because I’ve got a serious headache now (no doubt, part of that is just the waiting to see if my PC will actually be fixed this time).

Update: It was apparently the replacement motherboard, as Chris suspected before. So even though Dell sent a wide variety of other replacement parts, he just replaced the motherboard and all is well again with the PC.

Update 2: Dell India Support called wanting to know if my problem had been fixed. I told them it had and stressed that the problem had been the motherboard. Indian Dude wanted to know if all the parts had been replaced. I told him “No” because the problem was with the motherboard. The CPU fan, power supply w/ fans, & heat sink had never been the issue. It had always been the motherboard. I requested he note this in the ticket, but considering my experience in dealing with Indian support for my job, there’s only a 35% chance this will happen correctly.

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