Machine’s Back…maybe

Well, my main machine is back and working. And now, the fans are running like mad, something they didn’t do before. ^_^;;; It’s weird though.

So, I did some testing. Whenever the CPU (dual-core) gets used, the fans go faster. At 100%, its like a mini-hurricane. ^_^;;; Once I cut back on the applications using the CPU and the CPU percentage goes down, the fans slow down. Weird and annoying.

Now I’m on a chat with Dell. I didn’t want to be on hold for an hour or more. I can’t say this is any better though.

Reader Comments

  1. Interesting. Here I am sitting at work with an Optiplex GX280 which does EXACTLY the same thing.

    It’s a couple of years old and we got a batch of three of ’em that all do it.

  2. I’ll try to have an update tonight, to include the joys of dealing with tech support overseas. *_* Anyway, I dare not run SETI @ home because I’m sure the fans would burn out due to the excessive RPM’s.

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