Starfest 2007 — Conclusion

After Leonard Nimoy spoke, the stars of the old Buck Rogers show, Gil Gerard and Erin Grey, spoke for an hour and a half. Marc was a big fan of the show but I don’t think I’ve ever even seen a single episode. As such, I really wasn’t interested in seeing what they had to say and took off, leaving Marc to take his photos. One day I may have to see what I was missing. Lots of people were interested in hearing what they had to see (though clearly, not as many as wanted to see Leonard Nimoy).

While I wandered a bit, I realized that this year didn’t seem as good to me as the year before. I’m sure part of this is due to the fact that the guest list wasn’t as exciting to me. Part of it was due to the fact that while last year this was all new, this year wasn’t. And part of it was in no small part to having answered my phone and get told the massive changes happening to me job-wise.

After 30-minutes, I decided to wander back into the main room and see what Marc was up to. He was wrapping up his photos and hoped he got a few decent shots (the thing with digital SLR cameras is that the shot may look good on the little screen but when plugged into the computer, it looks like crap). Erin and Gil were just going into blathering preaching about things (and yet the name “God” never came up despite their preaching) and I decided that if Marc wanted to stay, he was welcome to do so. I was going to do something else. But Marc was done, so off we went to a Mexican place where a 10-minute wait turned into a much longer one and for food that was just so-so.

Still, despite not being as fun as the year before, I did enjoy myself a lot. Starfest 2008 looks like it might be more interesting. If they get the three guests they’ve invited, I might be tempted to stay the weekend. We’ll see what happens.

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