Some Personal News a/o April 11, 2007

Well, a couple of items. First, the meeting at The Company went pretty much as expected. No 8-hour shifts, but lots of changes that will succeed (just like the Titanic wouldn’t sink). Ultimately, The Company head honchos are rushing this out and our customers are in for one rude awakening. Supposedly, the various account management are supposed to have told the customers they are responsible for that we won’t be doing certain things without letting them know that we are desperate to cut our costs. One dedicated account we have (meaning the customer is paying for a body to sit and do nothing but their account 24-7) certainly is blissfully unaware that the dedicated person will be doing other stuff (and of course, we won’t let them know will we). I guess we’ll continue to charge the dedicated rates though.

For accounts that don’t have dedicated but we’ve been giving them this, that will stop. This makes sense to me because the customer isn’t paying for the service. However, accounts that want X, Y, or Z done and they’ve been paying for it, they aren’t going to be happy if they find out some of this stuff The Company has deemed as “waste” and we either stop doing it or sit on it for a while (if it is a SEV 3). The Company seems to think customers will be so eager to keep the service we’ve been doing, they’ll pay us more money. The problem with that theory is that the customer is giving us work because we are doing it cheaper than they can do it themselves or cheaper than someone else. For the most part, they aren’t going to be interested in paying more money for services.

Oh well. I do thank the Lord that I have a job. We’ll see for how long though after this latest scheme fails. Sorry, they aren’t schemes but initiatives. And they NEVER fail; they just change with time. Whatever.

In some less stressful news, I have a new camera. I decided to go all out and get a DSLR Canon Rebel EOS XTi since I already have Canon lenses from my old SLR’s. Now, I can actually take some pictures of stuff I want to sell on eBay and actually have clear pictures. Now I just need to get a good flash and a memory card sometime down the road.

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