Vermont Teddy Bears — I Hate Your Commercial

Working at a job where we are locked on CNN for 12-hours (ugh!) in the middle of the night, I can’t help but notice EVERY stinking Valentine’s holiday, the absolutely HIDEOUS Vermont Teddy Bear commercial. If you’ve been under a rock, here it is (if the link is broken, they pulled the video):

Yeah, so we have some girls who look like they’ve starred in a few porno videos and are hoping to “go straight” (no pun intended) and break into the non-porn industry with a commercial. Ugh. They go gooey over some hideous bear, making certain double-entendre remarks about its size and wanting to kiss it. And of course the one who got it says, “I can’t wait to give him my surprise.” Wow, I wonder what that could be?

As an aside, did you notice how the token black chick doesn’t get any lines? How come Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton haven’t picketed VTB and demanded contributions to Jessie’s kickback fund?

Meanwhile, the loser males in the office act like, “Must get bear to get laid!” Ugh.

VTB has been doing this commercial for the past three years at minimum, with slight variations. It plays over and over and over and over and over again, all night long.

Guess what, VTB? I’m NEVER buying your hideous bears, period. This whole “sex sells” thing makes me want to vomit. I hate this commercial, and its sister one from Pajama Gram (which is also on YouTube, but I’ll make you find that for yourself). I can’t decide which I hate more.

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