Where You Live

My old boss from my Air Force days in Japan sends me stuff from time-to-time that he finds rather interesting or humorous. This time, what he sent was so interesting, I thought I’d share as well. Its a site that you plug in your zip code and it provides all sorts of stats about your zip code from population breakdown,…

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Weekend Fun

My brother Brian and I had been trying to get together to see Spider-man 3 for some time and finally our schedules worked out so we could see it this weekend. I decided that if I were going to make the trip down to Colorado Springs, I may as well spend the night at the Drury Inn since it would…

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Wow! I’m a Winner!

Well, we had a Saint Patrick’s Day thing at my job last night. So we get to see several managers (and one upper-up on the management chain) who wore plastic, green top-hats while we got to grab some BBQ plates. For me, that was a BBQ pork sandwich with a tad of sauce, real (red) mashed potatoes, and some good…

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