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For the Midnight Crew legion in Star Wars: Force Collection. ^_^

So, we’ve had three members leave the legion. Whether they were the same person or three different people doesn’t matter at this point. The reasons why they left appear to be due to the fact that they want to be in a hardcore legion, whereas Midnight Crew was created as a casual legion. They wanted to send fighters all the time (hardcore, baby!), apparently even if that meant spending real money to do so, rather than follow strategy. Blah, blah, blah.

Since they announced their decision to depart, Malvegil contacted me with an idea that I think is a good one, especially considering our small size and casual playing membership. This would be forming a new legion from scratch and abandoning Midnight Crew.

On the upside, starting over from scratch would probably make things a bit easier for us, especially in terms of starship upgrades. Further, we could pick a starship based on strategy, not on some mindless philosophy that thinks if one isn’t sending fully charged fighters every round, you aren’t playing properly. By strategy, this would be opting for starships heavier in shields, which we didn’t do in the last starship voting. (The ones before that I think were chosen because of what looked cool to whomever was in charge at the time.)

The downside is that we’d be starting fresh in a new legion. So, if we decide to create a new legion, we’d have to make sure we spent all of our legion points with Midnight Crew (buying silver tickets, vehicle blueprints, etc.) in order to “cash out” before moving to the new legion.

The reason I wanted to put this up on my personal blog is that I felt it would be easier to have a discussion. So if you reply, make sure to note who you are in the game. ^_^

With that, what do you think? Should we move to a new legion or no?

(Update: All comments go through moderation, so if your comment doesn’t show up after a bit, it probably means I haven’t gotten around to passing it through.)

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9 thoughts on “Midnight Crew Discussion

  1. malvegil

    You preety much covered everything I wanted to say. There are too few of us to upgrade the starship and 10 levels to chose another one will be like going through hell for us.

    Fresh start, we can chose our own name for the new legion (so people can come up with the idea, and we chose the one that we like). Easier upgrades, we can try to find new members. And I promise to step in and take more responsibility for the legion.

    I think we could find people who feel to casual for active legion and to active to be in a casual one 😉

    So write what You think on all that.

    1. AstroNerdBoy Post author

      Yeah, I want us to stay a casual league. Games are to be for fun, not work. LAWs are the worst since they require folks to be on at specific times, which is not always possible. I would like to see us in a casual legion which has enough active members around to make LAW fights winnable, even if people only show up for one LAW fight in a day.

    2. Ucyladiezluvme@aol.com

      Monstarss— I was thinking about a merger instead as well we can do.. Maybe get another team from a lower level alliance in the 20’s level which would be easy way for them as well to jump to a higher rank alliance we could get maybe 15 to 20 players if we are lucky or join with an alliance our lvl n up since there’s only about 5 or 7 of us now we could find one that has that many spots open .. Either way I’m ok with anything but I think the merger will be easier since recruiting hasn’t done us any good so far

      1. AstroNerdBoy Post author

        Well, we’d have to find another legion. Of course, if we did that, then we’d have to submit to that legion’s rules. Malvegil’s suggestion still keeps us in charge of the legion and we go forward from there.

        On the recruiting thing, we could probably leave our legion open. It was an open legion when I joined. We’d need to have a notice stating that if you aren’t checking in via the chat, you’ll get booted.

  2. Todd Decker

    Todd-sama here. I’ll go with whatever the group decides, but I kinda like the idea of starting fresh. I trust Malvegil’s strategy since there have been times where it has helped us get wins.

    I would like to say that I was annoyed by the fighter thing. I nearly quit the legion two LAWs ago when some snarky remarks were made about my not sending fighters even though I didn’t have the EP to send them. I’m glad I didn’t quit now.

  3. Siacon

    Although it will be kind of sad, I think Starting over may be the best idea. At least that way we can cut off the dead weight. Meaning the members that are never on.


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